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The Great Ghost Rescue

Based on the popular children’s book by The New York Times best-seller Eva Ibbotson, this film is set in a world where ghosts are the protagonists and the living are the ones to fear. The film centres on a young ghost whose family loses its home and has to find a new haunting ground, all the while evading determined exorcists.

Director Yann Samuell

Cast Kevin McKidd, Steven Mackintosh


The Journey is the Destination

This film currently in development is based on the true story of one of the great photographers of our generation, British-born Dan Eldon. His photographs of refugees from the Somalian civil war led to his employment as the youngest photojournalist ever hired by Reuters. His pictures helped draw the world’s attention to the crisis. This music-infused love story takes a turn when while covering the story that UN forces had accidentally killed 74 civilians, Eldon and three of his colleagues were stoned and beaten to death by a furious crowd.

Director Bronwen Hughes


The Making of Plus One

Set during the Cannes Film Festival, this satire of Hollywood is based on the book by Claire Fordham. The film packs a punch, poking fun at the celebrity obsession fuelling the modern-day film industry. Full of fads, red carpets, creative incongruity and artistic dispensability, it’s a look at the far-from-glamorous reality that is independent feature filmmaking.

Director Mary McGuckian

Cast Jennifer Tilly, Michael Eklund, Geraldine Chaplin, Amanda Plummer